Our Family of Coating Products

Coatings for virtually any application!

Diamondback Linings

Specialized coating applications for business and consumer needs.

Seal Tite Coatings

Underwater Coating Applications – Lasting durability for ponds & water features

Spray Lining & Coatings

From truck beds to floors, and everything in-between. SL&C products provide solutions for your coating needs.

Made in the U.S.A.

All our coatings are proudly manufactured in the USA – supporting jobs in America.

Providing lasting protective coatings for industrial, agricultural, recreational, and personal use vehicles, structures, equipment and property.

Consumer Products

Diamondback Linings, Seal Tite Coatings and SL&C brand products are available for both  DIY and business applications. We’re your custom solutions provider, not a “one size fits all” business. Our Sales Support team is always ready to  provide recommendations based on your specific needs.

Dealers & Large Applications

We can provide customized large application packages and significant dealer discounts for your business needs.  Along with our manual mix products, Polyurea of all types ( including  for specialized equipment),  is available. Our dealers enjoy the same discount on their future orders (large or small).

Protective Coatings for any Application

Whether applying a DIY coating kit, or as part of your business, we can provide solutions which meet your needs and budget. The applications below are just a few of the possibilities with our professional grade coatings.

Koi Ponds

Our Seal Tite brand pond coatings are simple to apply, and can be customized for your koi pond new build or repair.

Water Features

Large or small water features (even bird baths) can take advantage of our coatings for lasting low maintenance needs.

DIY Truck Bedliners

Kits are available for any truck, any color, any texture. Simple directions and friendly US based support is always available.

Marine Applications

Our product line includes a wide variety of options for your boat or other watercraft from hulls to slip resistant decks.

Vehicle Exteriors

Protective coatings tailored for vehicle exteriors in any color (even exact match) are possible with most of our products.

Garage & Shop Floors

Get lasting protection for your flooring project in virtually any color or texture using our standard or high build coatings.

Equipment Discounts

We pass a majority of the distributor discounts we receive on Graco and other products directly to our customers.

Coatings for Businesses

Whether opening a new business, or using your current equipment , we have coating options available for your success.

Specialized Coatings

We partner with major chemical manufacturers to provide multiple options for almost any application.

Our Brands

Our coatings are marketed under several brands with each focused on specific specialties. Learn more about the Diamondback Linings family of coatings below.

Diamondback Linings

Focused on the development of advanced applications materials. Specialized coatings for custom applications are developed based on our customer needs.
Diamondback Linings Specialties
  • Specialized Applications
  • Industrial & Manufacturing
  • Remedial Structure Repair
  • Mold Casting
  • Advanced Vehicle Protection
  • Bedliner Polyurea Alternatives

Seal Tite Coatings

Our Seal Tite brand coatings provide a full range of products focused on water containment. Specialties include koi ponds, water features, tankers, and other structures.
Seal Tite Coatings Specialties
  • Koi Pond Build and Repair
  • Water Features
  • Water Containment Tanks
  • Sub-surface Foundations
  • Swimming Pools

Spray Lining & Coatings

SL&C brand products have been providing professional quality protection for more than 15 years. Specialties include not only truck beds, but almost any general application.
SL&C Products Specialties
  • Truck Bed Liners
  • Vehicle Exterior Protection
  • Off-road & SUVs
  • Recreational Equipment
  • Marine Coatings – Boats, etc.
  • Agricultural Equipment & Structures
  • Portable Buildings
  • Emergency & Service Equipment
  • Customized Applications