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Vehicle Exteriors & Interiors

Custom Color Choices

Select from our custom colors, exact match, or basic colors for lasting protection. 

Affordable Protection

Our vehicle exterior coatings are designed to provide maximum scratch resistance.

Durable Interior Protection

Our interior coatings have additional flexibility to help reduce vibration and road noise.

Spray on Truck Bed Coatings

Affordable Protection

Professional quality truck bed protection in a DIY package.

Custom Color Choices

Select from our custom colors, exact match, or basic colors for lasting protection. 

Koi Ponds & Water Features

Permanent Waterproof Coatings

Whether a new build, or existing pond, Seal Tite provides lasting protection.

Easy Maintenance for Water Features

With options to match your setting, cleaning and maintaining water features is simple.

Custom Color Choices

Select from our custom colors, or even select your own with tintable coatings.

Garage & Shop Floor Coatings

Custom Solutions for Floor Coatings

Our floor coatings are available in standard or thick build products, and can even be textured.

Customize Your Colors and Flexibility

Choose from a wide variety of standard custom colors, or let us assist in a color of your choice.

Trailer & Equipment Coatings

Durable Coatings

Our protective coatings are designed to last under heavy-duty conditions.

Textures for All Applications

Whether a smooth or anti-slip surface is required, our equipment protective coatings are available.

Specialized Use Applications

Our products can be applied not only to painted surfaces, but other inserts or products for rugged protection.

Coatings for Boats & Marine

Any Color or Finish Available

From smooth marine coatings for hulls, to textured deck surfaces, our products fit your needs.

Variable Flexibility, Texture, and Color

We can provide a custom solution to fit your exact needs for all surfaces.

Spray & Application Accessories

Commercial Grade Equipment

Our spray equipment isn’t limited to simple DIY products. Affordable commercial quality guns are available

Variety of Hoppers and Guns

We have quality guns available, including  HVLP , undercoating, small & large hoppers.

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