Professional Quality Coatings For Business Applications

Diamondback Linings offers a full range of coatings for truck bed, vehicle exterior, and equipment protection at competitive pricing for professional application. Whether interested in manual mix, or our fast curing polyurea products, we can provide coatings to fit within any budget.


What Diamondback Linings does differently

We take the time to discuss your individual needs and tailor recommendations and packages to help you get started quickly.
Businesses who currently use products from our competitors (Rhino, Vortex, Langman, Al’s Liner, or others) will find that we can offer products which work seamlessly with your equipment or application method. We even have specialty formulas to match the Rhino TuffGrip® and HardLine® with the same ratio so you can keep using your name brand equipment without the franchise restrictions or cost.
Our dealership process is simple and straight-forward. We have no fees or restrictions on your business other than those required to protect our name brands and reputation. Dealers and large experienced applicators can take advantage of dealer discounts to build or expand a profitable business.
Diamondback Linings focuses on providing just the support your business needs. If you are just starting, we can provide a basic website for your business to gain visibility locally. We can also provide promotional materials or other items for your business if required, or let you print from our available materials. We always provide referrals to our dealers or experienced applicators when customers need someone to apply our coatings, so you gain local visibility through our name recognition as well.
If you find you need a coating for a specific application, we will work with our product suppliers and manufacturers to locate suitable materials. We’re not restricted to one product line or product type, and understand that there’s no “one size fits all” coating. Our goal is to help you build your profitable business with solutions to fit your needs.
Our support team is available when you need them. We can provide 24/7 technical support for large jobs with advance scheduling if required. We coordinate with actual manufacturing representatives when multiple teams are involved to help ensure the best application results. If additional research is required, we will contact our manufacturing partners for accurate information.
Diamondback Linings is familiar with operating within large corporations as well. When your business involves complex governmental or contract adherence, we can accommodate your specific documentation and process needs. All our coatings are manufactured in the USA, and meet the specifications for governmental contracts.
Get in touch today and tell us a bit more about your business and how we can help!

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