Coatings for marine applcations

Boats, jet skis, canoes, docks, and other watercraft or surfaces near the water require coatings which withstand a variety of conditions. Constant submersion, exposure to UV, salts, chlorine, and general abuse can quickly degrade many general use coatings. Our marine grade products are designed to provide many years of professional grade protection for these environments.


More about our boat and marine coatings

Industry proven to provide anti-skid, permanent abrasion resistant protection for boat decks and other surfaces which tend to get wet. Won’t warp, crack, or peel like many paints and other products. Variable flexibility allows you to select from smooth anti-stick protection for boat hulls, to flexible, textured coatings for boat decks.
Simple application with basic spray equipment (no complex or expensive equipment required). Individuals who would prefer to hand apply, can roll or brush most of our products as well. Variable consistency allows a full range of not only texture, but application method as well.
Variable additives allow you to incorporate our Poly Powder for additional skid resistance, or broadcast other media for a long-lasting anti-skid surface. Boat decks can be textured with simple process to provide an easily maintained surface which still provides good traction when wet.
Our Custom Color selection (along with Exact Match option) allows you to obtain the perfect color for your project. Kits can be adjusted to provide the exact color combination desired by custom quote while saving money versus purchasing multiple kits. Tell us a little more about your marine coating needs to see how we can help.
Environmentally friendly–100% solids, VOC Free coatings available for distribution to all 50 states and Canada.
View some of our most popular Marine Coatings DIY Kits, or Get in Touch to find out how we can help with your boat or marine surface protection needs.

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