Spray Coatings for DIY truck bed liners

There are many spray-on truck bedliner products available to the do-it-yourselfer, but few options which provide true truck bed lasting protection. Our 100% solids products require fewer coats, and less material than most of the popular brands.


More about our coatings designed for the do-it-yourself application

Our Diamondback Linings and Spray Lining and Coatings brand product lines are not only less expensive for the same thickness, but usually more affordable per gallon as well.
Thickness matters when it comes to providing proper truck bed protection. Not only does your bedliner need to be durable, but capable of handline impacts from the heavy objects you are hauling as well. Single part products which dry simply do not provide a thick truck bed coating. These products are generally barely better than paint.
While some DIY bedliners say that you can spray or roll 1 gallon for a truck bed, it is simply equivalent to a thick layer of paint (often less than 10 mils). Our coatings will cover as much area at the same thickness per gallon as any product (even professionally applied polyurea) available. In most cases, we cover the same area at twice the thickness due to the 100% solids nature of our coatings.
We have products to cover the full range of DIY coatings in any texture, any thickness, any color (even exact match), so you can customize your kit to suit your specific needs. Many of our most popular products are available through our online store, but every application can be customized by individual quote as well. We always provide the best price available for any phone quote.
Environmentally friendly–100% solids, VOC Free coatings available for distribution to all 50 states and Canada. Chemical resistant to automotive fuels, diesel fuel, chlorine, paints, salt water, and other chemicals.
Browse some of our most popular truck bed liner kits, or get in touch to learn more: DIY Spray on Truck Bedliners

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