Compact Truck Bedliner Kit – PRO

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Professional Grade Bedliner For Compact Trucks

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Get Your Compact Truck Covered Like a Pro

This kit is designed for a professional grade thickness application of 125 mils on a 6ft bed, or 63 mils (our most economical kit for an 8 ft bed).

Designed for Tough Jobs

This Spray in Truck Bed Liner is designed for applying directly to your truck bed, but other equipment can be protected as well. Other parts such as inner fenders, under body, and chassis are easily done with any texture for long term durability.


  • Hard to Soft Texture
  • Smooth to Rough Profile
  • Soft, medium or hard
  • Anti-stick or Slip-Proof

Protects From:

  • rust
  • corrosion
  • UV damage
  • extreme temperatures

Cures rapidly to a Long Lasting Coating Which is Water Impermeable.

Standard or Custom Colors Available

Your Compact Truck Bed Liner Professional Grade Thickness DIY Kit Includes:

  • 3.75 gallons of sprayable 100% solids bedliner (twice as much as our standard kit)
  • Instructions to customize your bedliner with 24x7 support available
  • Free professional spray coating gun
  • Simple directions to apply, vary texture, and customize for your needs

Spray-Lining brand DIY Spray Bedliners are professional grade products that are simple to install and cover more sq. footage at the proper thickness than all the competition. This kit covers more area at the same mil height than 6 1/2 gallons of Raptor!

The standard colors available are shown below:

For a totally custom look, try out our Custom Color Bedliner Kit

Kit includes a professional grade spray gun based on current supply

Why you might get a different spray gun

3.75 Sprayable Gallons of Proven 100% Solids Bedliner Material

No one else gives you this much with a compact truck bedliner kit - Compare DIY Bed Liner Kits

This kit provides professional grade thickness for your compact truck, or standard thickness for a full size pickup.

Applicator Support

Make sure you do a superior job. Read our General Questions section to find out common solutions to DIY bedliner installation. Need more support? Call us at 1-855-545-4900.

Auto Body Shop or Business Owner?

Spray-Lining and Coatings brand product application is promoted for our dealers locally. When truck owners inquire for a bed liner to be applied, we are glad to refer to your business.The SL&C Dealer model is a non-franchise relationship with local shops and business owners. We are helping local businesses enhance their existing business and enter new markets.Learn More

Additional information

Weight32 lbs

Black, Dark Grey, Light Grey, Medium Grey

5 reviews for Compact Truck Bedliner Kit – PRO

  1. Jesse Powell

    I have a buddy who got a Rhino liner and it looks good but didn’t hold up anywhere near as well as mine has.

  2. Shawn Roberts

    This kit came out looking better than Rhino Lining and was just as thick. Way thicker than Raptor, Herculiner or anything like that. Had it applied for over 6 months now and no issues.

  3. Phillip Jenkins

    I have a bedliner from Spray Lining and Coatings and am very happy with it. Wish I’d gone over the rails though. Anyone considering it just go over the rails and be done with it. It’s worth it not to deal with scratches and chips from tossing stuff over the edge.

  4. John McMillian

    Bought this kit to add to my previous kit. Wanted to make it a little thicker, and it worked pretty good. I expected to have problems with it sticking, but it went like a breeze. Thanks.

  5. Todd Perry

    In all honesty I think that where you buy your Line-X Rhino or (like me) Spray Lining and Coating bedliner from makes more difference than which one you buy. I had a SL&C bedliner sprayed in about 2 years ago and it’s about a half-inch thick. I’ve used the HELL out of that thing and it looks EXACTLY the same as the day I got it.

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