SL 1:1 Primer – High Adhesion

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High Adhesion Primer in 1:1 Mix

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Primer for Concrete, Bare Metal, and Wood Preparation

Cured primer films are quite flexible when applied, yet have high bond and tensile strength. This enables the product to reconstitute and stabilize deteriorated surfaces. SLPV 1:1 Primer has excellent water, solvent and chemical resistance, and can be used as a finish coat for thinner applications. It is primarily designed to be an intermediate bond coat so that high performance and special purpose coatings can be applied to existing substrates.

This primer is generally applied at a thinner mil height than recommended for long term durability, so our high build coatings are usually applied as a top coat. The standard color option for this primer is Cement Grey, which most easily top coated with a variety of custom colors for finish coats.

Included With Kit:

This product listing includes 1 gallon total 1:1 primer - grey. It consists of 1/2 gallon Side A, and 1/2 gallon Side B.

Surface Prep:

Substrates should be dry and free of debris, dirt, moss, algae, mildew or oil. Loose or peeling paint must be removed. Make repairs and tighten or replace fasteners prior to the application of primer. High pressure washing is an effective cleaning method when applying to koi ponds or other water features. Wood surfaces should be cured and dry for proper adhesion.

Method of Application:

A combination of rubber squeegee, roller and brush are often most practical on flat surfaces. If available, a texture hopper can be used for most applications effectively. A pressure pot spray system may also be used if pot life limitations can be adhered to in order to avoid premature curing.

Recommended Spreading Rate:

When spread at 250 sq. ft. per gallon, a 5 mil dry film will result on a smooth surface. Although this is sufficient for bonding to the substrate, it may be difficult to achieve in practice unless spray applying. A squeegee and roller application will usually result in covering 150-175 sq. ft. per gallon which results in an average dry film thickness of 8-9 mils. Rough or porous surfaces will require a lower coverage per gallon. This product should be applied to smooth surfaces. If using mortar/concrete make sure the surface is skimmed smooth prior to surface prep for ponds.

General Notes:

General dry time for SLPV 1:1 Primer is less than 10 hours. Most applications are ready to coat with finish top coat in less than 4 hours. You are able to apply our high build coatings over the primer even if it still slightly tacky. You want to be sure that the SL&C, Diamondback Linings, or Seal Tite brand coating is applied within 24 hours of applying the primer for best adhesion. If more than 24 hours, light scuffing is advised.

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