5 Truck Bedliner Kit

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Spray On Bedliner Kit for up to 5 Trucks

Save money when your job calls for more than a full size pickup with this heavy duty multiple vehicle truck bed liner kit.

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Get Several Trucks Covered With Bedliner

Spray-Lining and Coatings DIY Spray Bedliner is professional grade product that is simple to install and covers more sq. footage at the proper thickness than all the competition. This DIY kit is for individuals or small shops who need to cover a larger truck at professional grade, have several vehicles to cover, or want to apply our professional grade bedliner to the whole exterior of their truck.

Reduce Costs / Simplify Applications.

Spray-Lining specializes in spray-on truck bed linings and is the overall spray-on linings and protective coatings solution you've been looking for.

Over 9 Gallons of Sprayable 100% Solids Material - More Coverage than About 16 Gallons of Raptor!

No other company in or out of ebay, anywhere on the net, or wholesale provides more actual product per dollar spent than we do Compare bedliners

Our 5 Bed Truck Bedliner Kit Includes:

  • 9.25 Sprayable Gallons of material
  • Professional Spray Gun
  • Directions to achieve variable texture
  • Professional 24X7 support

Standard colors: Black | Dark Grey | Medium Grey | Light Grey

Color choices

Custom Colors Also Available

See our Colored Bedliner Kits for color options below.


Email info4@spray-lining.com or call 1-855-545-4900 to request a custom color or for color choice information.

Spray-Lining and Coatings spray in TRUCK BED LINER is designed for applying directly to your truck bed, but other equipment can be protected as well. Other parts such as inner fenders, under body, and chassis are easily done with any texture you need. Simply follow directions for thick slip-proofing, soft, medium, hard, or anti-stick behavior. It protects against rust, corrosion, UV damage, and extreme temperatures, and cures rapidly; providing a long lasting professional quality bedliner.

Contact us today with any questions or to learn more about Spray-Lining business opportunities and dealerships near you.
1-855-545-4900 info4@spray-lining.com

Additional information

Weight78 lbs

Black, Dark Grey, Light Grey, Medium Grey

8 reviews for 5 Truck Bedliner Kit

  1. Anthony Garcia

    I have the Spray Lining and Coating dark grey liner on my 2014 F 350 p/u bed & custom made front & rear bumpers. I love it. It’s tough & durable. But looking to re-new the finish especially on the bumpers. It looks like the custom color kit from your DIY store will fit the bill perfectly.

  2. Joseph Barnes

    I used cartridges from armadillo liners, rhino linings and a no name brand before trying SLC Polyurea. We build trucks so need best OEM pricing. Definitely I give SLC a great review- they’re fast shipping have any color at lowest prices.

  3. Ronald Thompson

    This is my second truck with a bed liner from Spray Lining and Coatings. The old one stood the abuse that I gave it and when cleaned still looked like new. Great product. I highly recommend Spray Lining & Coatings to everyone.

  4. Jordan Fleming

    I am extremely happy with the looks and feel of my bedliner and would highly recommend the shop I went to and Spray Lining and Coatings itself to anyone looking for a high quality product. Thanks !!!

  5. Jesse Williams

    My company does welding fabrications. We used to use Rhino Pro a cartridge system but same deal at SLC was 30% less. Same stuff

  6. Matt Browman

    I shopped around a lot. There are a lot more reviews on Raptor and Al’s Liner, but this product seemed really good so I went with it. The support was great, though the instructions were a little tough to understand. Mainly because this material has variable texture control and the company seems really focused on professional applications. Turned out great. Nice and thick.

  7. Ian Jensen

    We wanted a bed liner that was good looking and durable. So we bought a name-brand plastic drop-in liner. It warped right away. They said it would form-fit eventually, but it never did. A jack stand punched a hole through the liner. Then, the replacement liner ripped when I loaded a yard of dirt. By then, we’d had it with drop-ins. What’s worse, our truck bed was just a mess. It was badly scratched and full of rust. That’s why we now have a SL&C Linings sprayed-on liner.

  8. Kevin Martinez

    I recently got the 8ft bed on my 2016 Silverado and tool box sprayed it was my first experience with Spray Lining and Coating bed lining on any vehicle I’ve ever owned. I have to say I am nothing short of amazed with the quality and workmanship that I received from the SL&C dealer.

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