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A Broad Set of Coatings

  • 100% Polyurea
  • Hard to soft polyurea hybrids
  • heavy-lining Polyurethanes including Aliphatics, Polyaspartics, all elastomeric urethanes and Epoxies

Spray-Lining and Coatings manufactures 100% polyurea, polyurea hybrid and poly hybrids to fit many functions from bed liner to industrial applications. We engineer solutions for marine, oil industry, floors, industrial, manufacturing and agriculture.

Solutions to National Brand Bed Liner

  • We also provide solutions to Rhino Linings, Line-X, Scorpion, Reflex, and other Bed Liner Companies
  • Our materials can be sprayed through the same machines with the same ratios
  • Our materials replicate the physical characteristics of our competition

We help you get away from current restricting contracts without losing your investment on hardware and equipment.

Spray-Lining and Coatings Spray Bedliner is dealer grade product that is simple to install and covers more sq. footage at the proper thickness than all the competition.

Exceeding Expectations

Our materials match or exceed characteristics associated with traditional formulas.

  • tensile or tear strengths of over 6,600 PSI
  • proportionate compression strength, elasticity, elongation, adhesion
  • long-term UV stability


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