Max Coat High Build Additive

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Max Coat additive allows you the ability to turn your tintable, custom color, or clear coating into a one coat application even on the vertical surfaces. Apply a thick coating without drips and save time waiting for second coat applications.

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Make Your Tintable Truck Bed Liner a One-Step Application!

Our NEW Max Coat High Build Additive allows you to turn any of our colored, tintable, or even clear coatings into an even thicker one step process. You can fully control the consistency to add texture or drip free thick coatings on even vertical surfaces. Simply add in place of our Poly Powder additives and apply as usual.

The only DIY one coat custom color solution available which allows you to texture without limitation.

This 1 quart product can thicken up to 3 quarts of our 100% solids products while also providing additional abrasion resistance.

Formulated by a proprietary blend of amorphous and ground silica, you simply add slowly to the A/B mixture until the desired consistency is achieved.

Works with our SL&C and Seal Tite products for truck beds, koi ponds, trailers, vehicle exteriors, and marine use.

NOTE: Although our Max Coat additive has been tested with the products listed above, no product recommendations are made with respect to third party DIY coatings.  This additive is generally not beneficial when used with our Ultra Liner and Seal Tite Ultra products as those products are very thick without additive.

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