3 Truck Bedliner Kit

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Spray On Bedliner Kit for up to 3 Trucks

This bedliner kit is best choice to protect multiple compact truck beds, or a full size pickup at professional grade thickness.

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Get Your Truck Covered With Professional Grade Bedliner

This kit gives you plenty of material to spray on a professional grade bedliner for an 8-ft truck full size truck bed including the rails plus extra material for high impact areas.  This Full Size Truck Bed Liner kit provides a large 90 square foot truck with an average of 100 mils. This thickness is comparable to a drop in liner without the drawbacks of plastic liners. You get more material than any other DIY bed liner kit for the price, and no loss of mil height due to evaporation!

Designed for Tough Jobs

This Spray in Truck Bed Liner is designed for applying directly to your truck bed, but can be applied to other equipment or surfaces as well. Parts such as inner fenders, under body, and chassis are easily done with any texture for long term durability.


  • Coarse to Orange Peel or Wavy Texture
  • Smooth to Rough Profile
  • Soft, medium or hard
  • Anti-stick or Slip-Proof

Protects From:

  • rust
  • corrosion
  • UV damage
  • extreme temperatures

Kit Includes:

  • 5 1/2 Total  Sprayable Gallons of 100% Solids Truck Bed Protection
  • Covers an average 8ft bed @ 125 mils - Professional Thickness
  • Correct amount for a 8ft truck bed liner when put to rugged use - Don't be fooled by other DIY Kits
  • Professional Spray Gun Included
  • Variable Texture Control

Dries rapidly to a liquid-proof seal.

Over 5 1/2 Sprayable Gallons

No one else gives you this much per kit - Compare Bedliners

Applicator Support

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Standard colors: Black | Dark Grey | Medium Grey | Light Grey

Color choices

Custom colors are also available. See our Custom Color Bedliner Kits, or call us directly for an exact color match.


 Contact us directly to request a custom color or for additional color choice information.

Simply follow directions for thick slip-proofing, soft, medium, hard, or anti-stick behavior. It protects against rust, corrosion, UV damage, and extreme temperatures, and cures rapidly; providing a long lasting professional quality bedliner.

Email info4@spray-lining.com or call 855-545-4900 for more information

Additional information

Weight47 lbs

Black, Dark Grey, Light Grey, Medium Grey

13 reviews for 3 Truck Bedliner Kit

  1. Jimmie Holland

    When it came to lining my show truck Spray Lining and Coatings was MY choice. Sure there are other liners out there but I can’t totally control their texture hardness and color. Spray Linings gave me the protection I needed and the show quality I wanted.

  2. John Franklin

    The 3 bed truck bedliner was plenty to cover my F150. Looks great… thanks for all the help!

  3. Stacy Fairfax

    The 3 bed kit was just right for my job. I have a large truck and wanted to also coat the running board. Worked good. I think I might want to add your color kit (I think it is the tintable color kit) to match my truck. Will be buying again soon.

  4. Kenneth Jackson

    I looked at both the Rhino and Line-X sites and have noticed that neither Corp. stands by any warranty. Their warranty is provided by the individual dealer and if he does a crappy job you can’t get them to help. I like the fact that Spray Lining and Coatings dealers offer an unlimited lifetime warranty.

  5. Jose Rodriguez

    I used your DIY BEdliner for my Chevy truck and it worked great. It was easy to apply after I called the tech guys. They helped a lot. The spray gun that comes with the kit works fine. I really expected it to cost a lot more than it did.

  6. Tom Garrett

    The kit really contains a lot more than expected. I thought it would take a lot more than I ordered, but was pleasantly surprised.
    Great product!

  7. Edward Harris

    I just wanted to write and tell you how happy I am with the SL&C truck bed liner that was sprayed in my Chevy 2500 last year. I have it on the job this morning and all the guys are saying how nice it still looks. I will definitely recommend Spray Lining and Coatings to anyone that wants a top notch bed liner sprayed in their truck.

  8. Steven White

    It’s been three years now and the truck bed liner from Spray Lining and Coatings looks as good as new. My vehicle’s body panels are being protected and as a added benefit it’s quieter too. Thanks for a great product.

  9. Brian Martin

    I wanted to say the your bed liner is amazing. I forgot my tailgate was down today and drove over 120 miles between highway and windy and bumpy back roads and never lost anything that laid in the bed of my truck. So happy with my truck bed liner from Spray Lining and Coatings!

  10. Felix Pearson

    My 2003 Ford F150 bed looks almost just as new as the day I bought it and had it sprayed. The entire bed does not have a bit of rust or issues with lining. Only wish I had the whole truck done….lol. Just traded the vehicle today for a new 2017 F150 and plan to have this one sprayed as well.

  11. Bill Morrison

    Really a great bed liner. I expected more trouble using the sprayer, but the support was fantastic! …. Thanks

  12. Fred Vader

    I’m not actually a spray-lining dealer but own a media blasting & repair shop. The mgr orders big multiple bed shipments called SLC DIY. We offer Bedliner at Fred’s Media Blasting for under $400; it’s thicker than anyone’s Bedliner. We warrant them but none had any problems in over 2 years now. We don’t skimp, prep correctly & spray em thicker than anyone. See Fred’s Media Blasting online.

  13. Armando Silva

    Even though my bedliner from Spray Lining and Coatings was in the truck when I got it I will never own a truck again without and I am going to tell everyone I know that has a truck to get a SL&C bed liner to protect their truck. It has really held up and looks great!

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