Truck Exterior Bed Liner (by sq ft)


Truck Exterior Spray On Protection by the Foot

This is the most accurate way to order your spray on coating for the exterior of your truck or other vehicle. You can easily select the exact amount of spray coating needed for your square footage.

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Designed for Tough Jobs

This Spray in Truck Exterior Coating is designed for applying directly to your truck bed. Other parts such as inner fenders, underbody, and chassis are easily done with any texture for long term durability. Select the exact amount you need for your project (100 sq ft minimum for free professional grade spray gun).

This Bed Liner by The Square Foot Kit Includes:

  • Material by Square Foot
  • Part A, B binders
  • Poly-Solids C
  • Professional Spray Gun Included
  • Durable Coatings for Economical Price
  • Directions to achieve variable texture

Returning Customers:

If you don't need a spray gun, call us directly for other options (product substitutions, special deals, etc.).

This is a Professional DIY bedliner solution for long term protection for your vehicle. Some of the features that make us BETTER:

  • Greater Tensile Strength
  • Higher Abrasion Resistance
  • 100% Texture Control
  • Slip Proof or Anti-Stick


  • Hard to Soft Texture
  • Smooth to Rough Profile
  • Soft, medium or hard
  • Anti-stick or Slip-Proof

Protects From:

  • rust
  • corrosion
  • UV damage
  • extreme temperatures

Cures rapidly to a lasting professional quality coating.

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Standard Bedliner Colors:


Additional information

Weight.34 lbs

Black, Dark Grey, Light Grey, Medium Grey


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