Hopper Converter Kit


Easily convert any standard 1.5 gallon hopper to a 1 quart mini hopper with this addon kit. Simply select the angled or straight converter.


  • Diameter of hopper orifice should be no more than 1.75 inches
  • Only sold as part of coating kit or spray gun. Not sold individually
  • Limit 1 quantity

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This mini hopper converter is provided for our customers who would like to apply thick coatings and achieve textured finishes without the necessity of using a large hopper. Spraying our coatings in tight spaces is a breeze with this converter kit. Simply replace your current hopper with our 1 quart container.

The flexible coupler will also accommodate many readily available containers such as juice beverages found in your local supermarket. Simply cut half or more of the bottom out to have a disposable hopper for small jobs with little cleanup required.

Additional information

Weight.5 lbs
Type Adapter

Angled Adapter, Straight Adapter


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