Polyurea Cartridge Spray Gun


Affordable premium quality cartridge spray gun for applying SL&C Rhino / Line-X Alternative cartridge polyurea spray coatings. Easiest way to get started applying truck bed liners that compete with leading national brands.

This commercial quality spray gun also works with most competitor products which are packaged as dual 750 X 750 ml cartridges such as Rhino Pro.

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Spray Lining and Coatings Rhino / Line-X Alternative Cartridge Gun

Save time and money on your next truck bed liner job with our convenient two-part cartridge system and the SL&C RLA Cartridge Gun.

Our RLA Cartridge Gun is specifically designed to apply premium quality SL&C RLA Polyurea. This ensures the best polyurea application available for any coating job. Some of the cartridge gun product highlights include:

  • No expensive equipment to buy – Our top-quality spray gun is available for less than $550
  • Provides years of trouble-free, dependable coating application
  • No maintenance & no clean up - Just throw away the cartridges
  • 24/7 Technical and Sales Support

SL&C Rhino Line-X Alternative Cartridge Spray Gun

This professional quality cartridge spray gun is manufactured to provide lasting maintenance free performance. Developed specifically to apply SL&C cartridge based polyurea, you are assured of a perfect application every time.

Dual Cartridge Spray Gun
The SL&C™ Cartridge System will increase your productivity while significantly reducing labor costs associated with set-up and clean-up since most parts are disposable.
Easy Cartridge Loading
The SL&C™ 100% solids professional quality chemical comes supplied in cartridges, meaning your valuable time is not spent pre-mixing material, doing ratio checks or measuring pigments.
Disposable Static Mixer
Spraying has never been easier as all internal parts that come in contact with cured urethanes are disposable, making clean-up a snap. The SL&C™ spray gun employs a disposable mixing tube for the perfect mix with no cleaning necessary.
Quick Connect Air Powered
The SL&C™ system is completely air driven, no electricity needed. The dual cartridge spray gun utilizes a standard quick disconnect for easy attachment to your air supply.

SL&C™ Cartridge Spray Gun Specifications

  • Air Cylinder: 4" Aluminum
  • Length: 21 11/16"
  • Mixing Tube: Length-11", Mixing Elements-24
  • Cartridge Size: 750ml x 750ml (51.0 fl. oz.)
  • Ratio: 1:1
  • Thrust Force: 1500 lbs. @ 90 PSI
  • Max Air Pressure: 140 PSI
  • Air Input Fitting: 1/4" Pipe Thread Female
  • Compressor Requirements: 10 CFM @ 90 PSI

Additional information

Weight14 lbs
Dimensions20 × 10 × 4 in


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