High Gloss Clear by Garage


High Gloss Clear Coating for Garage Floors

Simply select the number of cars your garage is designed for to order the proper amount for complete garage floor protection.

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Garage Floor Clear Coat Kit

This is a general floor coating for use in standard environments like garages and workshops. The SL1000 series materials are no VOC no Isocyanate floor coatings that provide superior chemical resistance and maintain a quality finish for your floors. Simply select the number of kits required based on your garage type.

  • Material professionally estimated by the number of cars your garage is  based on
  • Coating Spray Gun or Aluminum Framed Yoke-18 Professional Roller
  • Simple Directions to apply, vary texture, Technical Data Sheet

Easy Application and Endless Finishes

Spray-Lining and Coatings products are engineered for variable textures. If you want a non-standard flooring type, we will need to talk to you directly. Please call 1-855-545-4900 to discuss material options and additional features such chips and colors. Prevents all rot, rust, corrosion, UV damage, at -44ºF to 158 ºF temperature range. Dries rapidly, cures to thick liquid-proof seal. We cover service issues at no expense to applicator. This top-grade support is out of the league of all competition.

Other Professional-Spec Grades also available: toy-hauler interiors trailer / motor home roofing customized truck beds to dump-truck boxes, chutes, hoppers, plow disks, shovels/shears functional pools, pool safety decks pond systems, tennis & sports courts.

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Weight30 lbs


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