Color Spray Boat Coating for 25 Foot Boat Hull

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Spray on Color Coating for 25 Foot Boat Hull

Add custom color to your boat hull with this DIY Color Boat Hull Kit.

Select from a custom color below to order or call us directly for a color not listed.

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Get Your 25 Foot Boat Exterior Hull Covered With Custom Colors

This DIY Custom Color Boat Hull Coating Kit provides a flexible durable hull protection with a smooth anti-stick coating to endure the toughest of conditions. With the added advantage of custom colors to compliment your boat or preferences (or even color match) and complete texture control, our do-it-yourself hull coating kits provide a simple solution to produce true professional results every time.

Spray-Lining and Coatings DIY Marine Spray Coatings are professional grade products that beat the competition on price, coverage and thickness.

What You Get With Your SL&C 25 Foot Boat Hull Custom Color Coating Kit:

  • Sprayable Material for a 340 sq ft boat hull @ 43 mils thick
  • Flexible, glossy bedliner poly hybrid for docking / hull protection
  • Marine Grade Hard - Low Flex - Smooth Texture Parts A, BR, C
  • Professional Quality UV Stable Color Pigments
  • Professional Grade Hopper Spray Gun
  • Easy Mix 1 Quart Metal Proportioned Canisters
  • Simple Directions to Achieve Variable Texture Based on Individual Needs and Application
  • Live Applicator Support Available 24 x 7 by Appointment
  • Lighter & Stronger Than Fiberglass Resin - 100% Buoyant 

For other size boats, or boats larger than 38 ft, be sure to consult with our Live Professional Applicator support team (1-855-545-4900) for accurate measurement and pricing. If you want to do the best job possible for your investment, you'll use Spray-Lining and Coatings™ and see the difference.

If you know the square footage required, see our Custom Color Boat Hull Coating by the Square Foot product.

Tough Jobs made Easy -- with Spray-Lining and Coatings

Marine-Grade UV Protection - 100% Adjustable Texture From Anti-Stick Smooth to Anti-Stick Orange Peel Profile

Reduce Costs / Simplify Applications.

Spray-Lining and Coatings specializes in spray-on boat coatings and is the overall spray-on linings and protective coatings solution you've been looking for.

No other company in or out of Ebay, Amazon, anywhere on the net, or wholesale provides more actual product per dollar spent than we do. Compare SL&C marine coatings to our competition or get in touch to learn more.

100% quality control.

Custom Colors: Choose from our custom colors below, or contact us directly for a specialty color not displayed.  ** Images displayed are from our deck coatings. Actual texture for hull coatings is recommended smooth to wavy (orange peel) and variable with simple instructions included. **

Color choices

Email or call 855-545-4900 to request a custom color or for color choice information.

Spray-Lining and Coatings spray in Marine Boat Coatings are designed for applying directly to your boat hull and interior. Any texture can be accomplished. Just follow directions for thick slip-proofing, soft medium or hard or Anti-stick behavior. It protects against rust, corrosion, UV damage, and extreme temperatures. It dries rapidly to a liquid-proof seal.

Specialty Coatings For Boat Manufacturers Like:

  • Mako
  • ProLine
  • WellCraft
  • Boston Whaler
  • Sea Nymph
  • Cobia
  • Key West
  • And More..

Contact us today with any questions or to learn more about Spray-Lining and Coatings business opportunities and dealerships.
Call 855-545-4900 or Email:

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Weight65 lbs

Brick Red, Bright Red, Brown, Cream, Dark Blue, Green, Hunter Green, Light Blue, Medium Blue, Military Olive, Orange, Royal Blue, Sand, Tan, White, Yellow

2 reviews for Color Spray Boat Coating for 25 Foot Boat Hull

  1. Nino Fuentez

    I saw your kits being used at Apache Yacht Club & Marina and K & K outboards in Long Island, NY. Both places gave SL&C great reviews so I got this DIY kit from you also. Directions were easy, your support guys knew how to help and this polyurea product is much better than fiberglass. I paint boats on the side so I’m familiar with this. very satisfied.

  2. Jon Atkin

    excellant product, sprayer and quality

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