Bed Liner by the Foot – 125 mil – Professional

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Professional Grade Truck Bed Liner by the Foot

Save money by ordering our truck bed liner in professional grade (125 mils) thickness by the foot.

Select from the standard color options below (refer to product description for examples). Then select your square footage in increments of 20 square feet.

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Get Your Truck or SUV Covered at Professional Thickness

Spray-Lining and Coatings DIY Spray Bedliner is professional grade product that is simple to install and covers more sq. footage at the proper thickness than all the competition. This kit gives you a truly professional grade truck bedliner at 125 mil thickness that can be done without a booth or protective equipment. This Spray in Truck Bed Liner is designed for applying directly to your truck bed. Other parts such as inner fenders, under body, and chassis are easily done with any texture you need.

Our professional grade bedliner included with this kit is specially priced for those individuals and businesses who would like to ensure complete protection for their truck bed. Material is priced to provide 125 mil thickness (more than any competitor on Ebay, Amazon, or business websites).

Select the proper amount to cover your truck bed from our available options.


  • Hard to Soft Texture
  • Smooth to Rough Profile
  • Soft, medium or hard
  • Anti-stick or Slip-Proof

Protects From:

  • rust
  • corrosion
  • UV damage
  • extreme temperatures

Dries rapidly to a liquid-proof seal.

No one else gives you this much with a DIY Truck Bed kit -  Compare bedliners

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Make sure you do a superior job. Read our General Questions section to find out common solutions. Need more support? Call us today for any questions about your spray coating project.

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Additional information

Weight.65 lbs

Black, Dark Grey, Light Grey, Medium Grey

4 reviews for Bed Liner by the Foot – 125 mil – Professional

  1. Duane Montgomery

    Your bedliner by the foot is a great option. By simply using your truck bed calculator I was able to order just the right amount. I ordered an extra 20 percent just to cover waste and it came out perfectly.

  2. Cecil Oliver

    I like the fact that you provide 24 x 7 phone support. I have a buddy who is going to help me but the extra phone assistance will come in very beneficial. Can you imagine trying to get a botched up liner out of a bed.

  3. Don Medlin

    I was going to get the standard kit (60 mil), but after calling and asking some questions about thickness, I felt it was the right decision to go with the next level up. Well, I am glad I did. This stuff looks like I had it done in a shop. I saved $300, so it was well worth my time…. I am going to try a color kit on my old Jeep.

  4. Richard Barnes

    I ordered this by the foot just to make sure I had more than enough. Price worked out much better than the others I looked at online.

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