Colored Koi Pond Lining Kit – By Sq Foot

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Custom Colored Koi Pond Kit By Square Foot

Custom Koi & Pond Coatings by the sq ft for small to large ponds and water feature projects. Professional grade products in DIY packages.

This custom sized colored koi pond kit is perfect for many homeowner projects (minimum 100 square feet).

Simply select from any of our custom colors below and enter your sq. ft (in increments of 25 sq ft).

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Colored Aquatic Life Kit For Koi Ponds

Flexible Lining Systems introduces Seal Tite Coatings, a flexible poly hybrid designed to be used for sealing practically any surface, as well as creating a THICK membrane that will provide a long term, waterproof barrier for any pond/retention project. This colored koi pond kit is priced by the square foot to allow you to select the exact amount of coverage required based on your necessary square footage.

In addition to being the lowest priced and Best quality for any DIY or Dealer grade coating, we also solve challenges for colored coatings that are as puncture and abrasion resistant as our standard Flexible Poly Hybrid. Unsurpassed puncture resistance and long life span makes this an ideal material for the small or large DIY coating job. There are a number of coatings for specialized applications not detailed here.

Kit Includes

  • Priced by Sq Ft @ 45-70 mils
  • UV Stable Color Options
  • FREE Professional Coating Gun
  • Specializing in spray-on coatings and linings and is the overall solution you?ve been looking for.
  • Superior Support for a Superior Coating

Buyer Fact: No other company in or out of ebay, anywhere on the net, or wholesale provides more actual product per dollar spent than we do
We reduce your costs and simplify applications.

Color choices

Our most popular koi pond colors are shown below. You can save even more by selecting a color from our Standard Color Koi Pond Coating kits. Please call 1-855-545-4900 for other color choice information.

Additional information

Weight.34 lbs

Aqua Waters, Bermuda Blue, Blue Sky, Deep Blue

1 review for Colored Koi Pond Lining Kit – By Sq Foot

  1. Ron Bishop

    My koi pond looks great. I was a little afraid of doing the job myself, but it was really simple. The colored Sealtite coating from SL&C is perfect.

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