Seal Tite Water Feature and Pond Coating Repairs and Protects From Leaks

Seal Tite brand coatings have been developed by SL&C as professional grade DIY koi pond and water feature coatings that boast similar specs to polyurea without VOCs or isocyanates. These revolutionary products are the affordable permanent coating for koi ponds and other water features or fountains.

Seal Tite is a non-toxic poly hybrid coating made in the U.S.A specifically designed for the Koi pond and water feature industry. It is used to repair or construct water features and ponds with a more natural look than EPDM liners. Using Seal Tite coating eliminates unsightly folds or creases found with rubber sheet liners.

Seal Tite is used for waterproofing all surfaces found in water features such as Koi ponds, pools, fountains, aquariums, salt water tanks, hydroponics, streams, waterfalls, reflecting pools, container tanks, etc. It is easily applied by brush, roller, or spray gun. For most applications, a single coat application is all that is needed for proper coverage with our total consistency control formula.

With Seal Tite pond coating, your fountain or water feature will be virtually maintenance free with a surface that algae can be easily wiped off of and is safe for fish and plants. This waterproof protective coating offers both strength and flexibility unmatched with the other DIY pond coatings available.

Over time, hairline cracks can form in concrete, mortar or grout joints. Seal Tite bridges these hairline cracks and provides the best and most durable protection possible in a coating. Seal Tite has been specifically designed to bond to porous or coarse materials such as concrete, wood, stone, most metals, brick, most ridged plastics, tile and many more. With a tensile bond strength stronger than concrete, your single coat of Seal Tite will provide true lasting protection and waterproofing for any pond or fountain.

Spray On Polyurea Hybrid Seal Tite Pond Coating Benefits:

  • No scratches or tears from large decorative rocks or other items
  • Form fitting for superior finish
  • Seamless installation means no leaks
  • Easily make repairs of existing ponds, even under water
  • Any volume or dimension pond is easy to handle

Seal Tite Product Features:

  • USDA approved for fish (koi and farm), water containment, food contact, water features and fountains
  • Water proof formula suitable for use in a wide range of environments from hot to freeze/thaw conditions
  • Specifically designed for underwater use and to be non-toxic and fish and plant safe
  • No VOC’s (volatile organic compounds)
  • 100% solids coating
  • Seamless, stops leeching, impermeable non-abrasive smooth surface
  • Extremely flexible and abrasion resistant
  • Self-priming formula allows for reliable adhesion for a finished surface that is easy to maintain
  • Can be put into service in as little as 24 hours and cures even underwater
  • Can be applied to any constructed surface made of wood, metal, or stone as well as most plastics
  • Can be applied over other coatings to repair leaks or prevent deterioration
  • Environmentally safe and provides a completely inert environment for fish
  • Long lasting & will not peel or deteriorate
  • Works with block, brick & concrete without additional primers
  • Instant & complete pH balance & pond stabilization
  • Economical & cures fast even under water
  • Easy to apply, can be brushed, rolled, or sprayed
  • Available in 4 standard colors at no additional charge
  • 4 additional stock colors, and unlimited custom colors available
  • Professional quality results every time

Contractor Benefits With Seal Tite Coating:

  • Commercial and industrial job support
  • New Construction, Re-Construction, Repair
  • Any mil height can be achieved
  • Alternative formulas for unique jobs or cost requirements

Support Services for Your DIY Pond Coating or Repair Project:

  • Easy to follow instructions to ensure proper installation
  • Knowledgeable technical support available 24 x 7 for all jobs from DIY to professional applicators
  • Custom packages available for specific needs

Material Basics About Seal Tite Coatings:

Polyurea is a popular but often expensive coating for ponds and aquatic life containment. Our Flexible Poly Hybrid is a lower priced solution that yields excellent results. Unsurpassed puncture resistance and long life span makes this an ideal material for the small or large DIY coating jobs. Our Seal Tite DIY pond coating kit consists of 3 components which are easily mixed and applied based on your specific requirements.

Parts A, B, and C are 3 individual components which are pre-measured to mix. Mixing bits, all containers, spray gun or roller (depending on application method) are available if required.

Seal Tite DIY pond lining systems are a one-time application intended for no further maintenance. Compared to any available DIY product, EPDM or plastic pond liners, Seal Tite is a  superior “lining system”. See our Koi Pond DIY Kit Comparison Review for more information.

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