Basic Garage Floor (18-22 mils)


Garage Floor Protection for Standard Size Garage

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Garage Floor Coating DIY Kit

  • Garage size is estimated at 225 sq ft. (standard size small 1 car garage)
  • Coating Spray Gun or Aluminum Framed Yoke-18 inch Professional Roller
  • Multiple options for your specific use
  • Simple Directions to apply, vary texture, Technical Data Sheet
  • Simple Workshop to show room quality

Easy Application and Endless Finishes

You can choose from any of our standard Colors:

Spray-Lining and Coatings Floor Protective Coatings are designed for applying fast, easily and correctly. Keeps floors drop-dead gorgeous; any color with or without color chips. Each Flooring Kit: Create textures soft, medium, hard or slip-proof finish. Call for crystal clear top-coat, specific profile or specialized combinations. Prevents all rot, rust, corrosion, UV damage, at -44ºF to 158ºF temperature range. Dries rapidly, cures to thick liquid-proof seal. We cover service issues at no expense to applicator. This top-grade support is out of the league of all competition.

Other Professional-Spec Grades also available: toy-hauler interiors trailer / motor home roofing customized truck beds to dump-truck boxes, chutes, hoppers, plow disks, shovels/shears functional pools, pool safety decks pond systems, tennis & sports courts

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Weight30 lbs


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