Spray Lining and Coatings Contractors Wanted


Coatings experience preferred, will train.  

If run a crew or you’re in construction, specialized painting, fabrication, mechanical or have similar, verifiable experience most SL&C dealers get certain quote requests which become unanswered. These are coatings jobs that if quoted and accepted are well-paying work for you.

72% of SL&C Dealers handle automotive applications mainly. Usually these polyurea jobs are for truck beds, jeeps, trailers or boats in volume.

For other jobs too large, too distant for some dealers or if they are unable to be quoted, experienced coatings contractors are hired. When Spray-Lining & Coatings work does not require specific certification, training or experience general contractors may be hired.

Contractors (you) are paid by these same Dealers, by SL&C or by other clients who need, usually large DIY jobs done. Lining & Coatings jobs include but are not limited to:

  • Koi & fish ponds, general ponds & waterscapes, cascades / fountains, various water tanks,
  • Large or specialized trailers, large fleets, construction or farm equipment, motor homes / busses,
  • Large marine items – boats / yachts / fishing / ferries, docks and piers, rail cars / large truck or trailer frames,
  • Specialized flooring / agricultural – kennels, zoo items, air craft hangars, exterior stairways,
  • On Farms: Slip-Proof Coating Jobs for dairy, hog, horse flooring, Anti-Stick Coating on chutes, hoppers, dumps, pits, tanks,
  • Specialized roofing, Slip-Proof or Anti-Stick. Specialized waterproofing issues in buildings,
  • Misc & unique Lining & Coating Services.

General contractors are interviewed. Without specific training or with minimal experience simple requirements are followed; specific written & on-site or customized instructions, following SL&C support people to prep surfaces, apply coating products then clean up to finish.

Contractors are payed by deposit where full payments are agreed to beforehand. Pay can also be hourly, by the square foot or on a per job basis.

*This majority of SL&C bed liner dealers, along with SL&C prefer to make all job quotes instead of dropping jobs if they are short staffed on applicator(s). If these are quoted, when jobs become lucrative, commercial work orders you are paid as well as are reliable applicators of SL&C.

*Contracted-type Job quotes and jobs may require some travel but occur daily from most USA states & Canadian provinces.

* Contact SL&C to interview us too before submitting experience, resume, and registering: There are no fees or costs for this. SL&C and most of our dealers simply seek reliable applicators as contractors.


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