Best DIY Professional Grade Koi Pond Coatings for 2018

Compare the Koi Pond and Water Feature DIY Kits of 2018 For Quality, Price, Coverage, and Overall Value 

The Koi pond coating product results below are based on exhaustive investigation and provide clear comparisons of actual Koi pond and water feature coatings or  liner products sold currently. Be sure to read the notes regarding CoverageCoating Type, and Equipment Provided below the chart for more specifics about how to determine the best protective pond coating when selecting a do-it-yourself kit.

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Best Koi Pond and Water Feature Coating Products of 2018

Company Name

Phone / Contact Info

2018 DIY Kit Price

Quantity Required for 300 sq. ft. @ 45 mils1

2018  Prices For Koi Pond, Fountain, Waterscape-type  Coatings

Coating Type


Available Colors

Equipment  Included 3


Spray-Lining & Coatings Seal Tite

1-855-545-4900Seal Tite Pond Coating

Live Job Support for DIY Pond Jobs by Certified SL&C Dealerships


For complete DIY kit (including equipment)

Stated Coverage:

300  FT² at 45 mils

Provides 8.4 Gallons of usable product

Contains all the Koi pond coating material required for proper coverage and lasting results.

Cost for complete 8.5-gallon DIY kit


Best coverage cost with equipment, live support and materials included to do the job.

Polyurea & Polyurea Hybrids

Professional Grade UV Stable Materials

Standard Colors:
Deep Blue, Blue Sky, Bermuda Blue or Aqua Waters

LP / HP Professional Spray  Gun w/ 1 to 2.5 gal. tank, mixers, all cups; in liters, qts, & gallon volume


Choice of airless sprayer, large or small yoke rollers or trowels exchangeable

* 4,000 FT² + may require plural component fusion equipment / loaned by SL&C or purchased

Pond Armor/Pond Shield



for 1.5 gallons

Materials Only

Stated coverage: 

240 FT² at 10 mils for 1.5 gallons

Requires almost (6) 1 ½ gallon kits to cover 300 sq. ft. at 45 mils

Cost for (6) 1 ½ gallon kits:



Standard Colors:

Black, Clear, Tan, Gray, Blue, Green, and White

None included

Brush On Recommended

Instructions state two coats.  Numerous coats required for 45 mils

Hecht Rubber Co


$148.99 per gallon

Materials Only

Stated Coverage:

80/100 FT² per gallon at 15 mils (requires 3 coats minimum).

Requires (9)
gallons for 300 FT² at 45 mils

Cost for 9 gallons of Herco Pond Coating


Neoprene Rubber

Standard Color: Black

$15 Extra For  Clear, White and Grey

None included

Spray or Brush On

Rubberize It/Dura Rubber


$74.99 per gallon

Materials Only

Stated Coverage: 

40 FT² per gal at 20 mils

Requires almost (17)
gallons for 300 FT² at 45 mils

Cost for 17 gallons of Rubberize It


Stated as Polyurethane (not rubber)

Standard Color:


Colors stated as available

None included

CIM 1061


$99.80 per gallon

Materials Only

Stated Coverage:

23 FT²  at 55 mils

Requires almost (11) gallons for 300 FT² at 45 mils

Cost for 11 gallons of CIM 1061


CIM 1061 required with Activator

“Extended Polyurethane”

Standard Color: Black – Can use Top Coat to achieve various colors but is an added cost

None included

Trowel advised

PondPro 2000


$145.50 per gallon

Materials Only

Stated Coverage:

42 FT²  at 20 mils

Requires (16) gallons for 300 FT² at 45 mils

Cost for 16 gallons of Pond Pro 2000



Standard Color:


None included

Brush, roller or spray gun advised

Rubber Seal


$69.99 per gallon

Materials Only

Stated Coverage:

40 FT² at 30 mils

Requires (11.25) gallons for 300 FT² at 45 mils

Cost for 11.25 gallons of Rubber Seal



Standard Color:

Black, White or Grey

None included

Roll or trowel advised

Pond Coat

PermaDri Incorporated


$58.00 per gallon

Materials Only

Stated Coverage:

25 FT² at 40 mils

Requires (13.5) gallons for 300 FT² at 45 mils

Cost for 13.5 gallons of Pond Coat


Tar (similar to Road Tar)

Standard Color:
Black (colors need top coat) – Does not dry with consistent coloring.

None included

Brush, Roller or Squeegee advised

Liquid Rubber



$69.95 per gallon

Materials Only

Stated Coverage:

42 FT² at 20 mils

Requires (16) gallons for 300 FT² at 45 mils


Cost for 16 gallons of Liquid Rubber


Polymer modified emulsified asphalt

Standard Colors:

White, Black or Grey

None included

Brush or roller advised

Rustoleum Leak Seal

800- 899-1729

$114.94 per gal

Materials Only

Stated Coverage:

325 FT² at 5 mils

Requires (8.5) gallons for 300 FT² at 45 mils

Cost for 8.5 gallons of LeakSeal



Standard Colors:

Black, Brown, Grey, White, Yellow and Clear

None included

Brush advised

Blue Max


$55.00 per gal

Materials Only

Stated coverage:

100 FT² at 10 mils

Requires (13.5) gallons for 300 FT² at 45 mils

Cost for 13.5 gallons of Blue Max



Standard Color:


Requires 3 coats for 10 mils (13 coats for 45 mils)

None included

Brush, a push broom, a low nap roller with a long handle advised

or a Commercial Airless Sprayer     

* All company quantities or packaging specifics were reformatted into gallons to allow fair/honest price comparison. * 


1 Actual Coverage 

(Must always correspond with qty of units, kits or exact packaging per dollar for true pricing.)

Proper  Coverage – Was converted here to a minimum of 45 mils (45 X 1/1000 inch). This is a minimum height (thickness) for lasting leak prevention or general quality by SL&C experience. Many companies claim a coverage rate that does not come close to proper protection. One gallon of any product is a volume which can only cover a certain square footage at a certain thickness. This formula is a known, invariable, “physical” fact: 1 gal = 1,604 FT² @ 1 mil (1 mil = 1/1,000 inch) …  

Stated coverage rates can mislead you. The SL&C comparison chart provide each product’s coverage claim along with the actual coverage provided based on 45 mils. See our Pond Coverage Calculator to calculate exact sprayable, roll-able or functional gallons given exact height or thickness.  

2 Coating Types

Polyurea – Is the only elastomeric liner of high quality.  One Part Paints, Urethanes or Epoxies or Cement are not “elastomeric”.  Elastomeric Polyurea is flexible, strong, non-brittle, prevents cracks or leaks “behind it”, due to its high tensile strength (1600 to 4800 PSI @ 30 to 90 mil).

Polyurethane or Urethane – Used here as “pond coatings”. These can be quality as paints but are low in tensile or “tear” strength.  The better, even necessary tank, pond or water containment lining characteristic is over 1,000 PSI tear @ 60 mil. That’s impossible with urethane or polyurethane.

Epoxy – Used here as sealer is always stiff. As a floor coating, adhesive or general coating epoxy functions. Lower in tear strength than poly-like coatings but remains hard. Adhesion is good, but no epoxy is “elastic” to handle loads, aquatic, temperate or solar stress. 

WARNINGMost or all products above use liters, liquid ounces, weights or square feet per unit to quantify contents of kits see our Spray Coatings and Truck Bed Coverage Calculator  to reveal facts & truth on that form of misrepresented advertising. For calculating exact area to line or coat, see our Koi Pond and Pool Surface Area Estimator 

3 Equipment Types

Koi Pond application equipment is provided with packages or kits from Spray Lining and Coatings to ensure you are ready to apply lining for your pond.  Additional items such as specialized mixers, large, specialized equipment on loan, measuring containers, specialized tape, or on-site support. are available, recommended based on your job needs. Based on your specific kit, the following equipment is included, or can be requested or loaned by contacting the SL&C support team:

HP or LP Plural Component Proportioner Types: Graco, PMC, Wiwa, SL&C OEM, Binks, Sharpe

Polyurea Cartridge Systems: SL&C OEM is same or higher spec than any brand 

Mini or Large Hopper Spray Gun 6 Types: Graco, Sharpe, SL&C OEM

Simplified Undercoating Spray Gun: Free  

Simplified or Professional-Grade, Yoke-Style roller – Yoke-style framed roller w/bearings, handle  

** Misc Trowels, Brushes, Rollers are available **